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Woolf Fisher Scholarships 2004 – 2017

Rewarding educational excellence in academia

Woolf Fisher Scholars listed by year of award:

Jane Allison – Trinity College, Cambridge
Alexis Kalderimis  – Magdalen College, Oxford

Heather Niederer – Trinity College, Cambridge
Ranald Clouston – Churchill College, Cambridge
Elizabeth Cottrell – St John’s College, Cambridge

David Delamore – St John’s College, Cambridge
Abigail Fox – Trinity College, Cambridge
Robert Holdaway – St John’s College, Cambridge
Anna McConnell – Merton College, Oxford

Christopher Fisher – Trinity College, Cambridge
Matthew McCormick – St John’s College, Oxford
Naomi Matthews – University College, Oxford

Deidre Cleland – Trinity College, Cambridge
Joel Harrison – Magdalen College, Oxford
Reed Roberts – Trinity College, Cambridge

Andrew Haines – Clare College, Cambridge
Jenny Haskell – Jesus College, Cambridge
James McNamara – Trinity College, Cambridge

Anna Dare – Trinity College, Cambridge
Ashley Easter – Magdalene College, Cambridge
Nathalie Saurat – Trinity College, Cambridge

Peter Clark – Magdalen College, Oxford
Ross Haines – St John’s College, Oxford
Doron Hickley – Merton College, Oxford

Chris Jenkins – Trinity College, Cambridge
Kane O’Donnell – Clare Hall, Cambridge

Katrina de Lange – Trinity College, Cambridge
Joseph Donnelly – Churchill College, Cambridge
Daniel Fitzpatrick – Trinity Hall, Cambridge

David Gawith – Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge
Alex Kendall – Trinity College, Cambridge
Jane Leung – Trinity College, Cambridge

Nelson Lam – Trinity College, Cambridge
Athene Laws – Trinity College, Cambridge
Rory Little – Trinity College, Cambridge

Matthew Conder – St John’s College, Cambridge
James Gawith – Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
Reece Oosterbeek – Trinity College, Cambridge


Jonathan Barnard – Massey University
Jonathan attended Aquinas College, Tauranga, and then studied at Massey University where he received a BE (Hons)  in chemical engineering. His honours project was in granular flow dynamics.  His doctoral programme will be supervised by Dr Silvana Cardoso in the Fluids and Environment Group at Cambridge University.  He will research, experimentally and theoretically, the dynamics of complex undersea methane plumes with internally produced buoyancy changes.  He hopes this will contribute to the safe removal of such gas deposits for processing into usable fuel.  Jonathan has been accepted by Jesus College..

Amy Hill  – University of Canterbury
Amy, dux of Nelson College for Girls, studied at Canterbury University where she received a BCom before changing fields to biochemistry where she gained an MSc with first class honours.  Her honours project investigated the impacts of herbicides on a class of antibiotics.  In the biochemistry department at Cambridge University she will  be supervised by Dr George Salmond.  Her research field will be the use of bacteria to produce antibiotics. She has been accepted by Trinity College.

Liam Jolliffe – Victoria University of Wellington
Liam, dux of Wairarapa College, gained a BSc (Hons) in mathematics at Victoria University, with a complete set of A+ passes in all subjects.  He has been accepted into the one-year Maths Tripos Part III course at Cambridge University.  Entrance to their three-year PhD programme in pure mathematics will be determined by his success in the Tripos examinations.   Liam has been accepted by Trinity College.

Tessa Morgan – The University of Auckland
Tessa, dux and top all-round student at Rotorua Girls’ High School, graduated BA (Hons) in history and political science with a senior scholarship in the faculty of arts .  She became interested in palliative and end-of-life care at the University of Auckland School of Nursing. She will continue this research for a doctorate at Cambridge University under Dr Stephen Barclay. She has been accepted by Lucy Cavendish College.